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I know that  am supposed to use this section to talk about how I grew up, and how I became the Real Estate Agent that I am today. But, the truth is, I did not become a Real Estate Agent simply to advance my life. I chose this role, because I understand the importance of finding the perfect Home. The "More Than" brand is my world. I am the proud owner of two companies. More Than Your Home which is supported by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select, and More Than Musiq LLC, a mobile DJ company that I started almost 10 years ago. 

"More Than" means that we are not simply talking about a place to live, or something to listen to. The home that you chose to live in determines your future, and the future of your children. It is a very important decision, that most times involes a huge commitment. I understand the importance of choosing the right home and what that may mean for your future. That is why I commit myself 100 percent to every client, no matter how big or small the task. 

After leaving the U.S Marine Corps, I had the pleasure of living on a small island called Okinawa, Japan as a civilian. Life there is very different. Living abroad for so long made me reconsider what is important in a home, and why it is important. It made me remember how good it feels to have something you call your own. 

That moment, when you look out your back window, and see the kids playing on the playground set that took 6 hours to build, or when you walk into the kitchen and the smell of your favorite dish fills the room. Or, watching your baby boy or girl walk down the front steps to his or her first school dance. All you can do is smile. That is More Than Your Home. Those are the memories and moments that I provide by placing my clients in the perfect home for thier needs.

Before going into Real Estate, I worked in the car market for a number of years. The last dealership I worked for was Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Frederick, MD. I had one customer that I will never forget. Her name is Trish. She is 72 years old and still moves around like she's 20. Trish came into our show room and had no idea what she wanted. She was also afraid to purchase a new car, because she thought she could not work the new technology. She thought cars had just become complicated. I sat down with Trish and was able to find the perfect vehicle. It was in her budget, and she felt comfortable driving it. Trish and I are still friends to this day. She actually still calls me to ask questions, or just to check in. Even when I was selling cars, I wanted to help my customers as much as possible. I get a thrill from helping people find that perfect piece to thier lives. It's a plus that I get to make friends along the way. 

If you are looking for an agent that will put your needs first, and make your goals his own... you are in the right place. Let's work together to put you in the perfect home. A home that will help you progress and build. A home that is More Than Your Home. 

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